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August 19, 2007

Constitutional Right to Pedophilia?

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Jack(ass) Himself.Los Angeles, California: Jack McClellan is a Slimeball. There’s really no other good thing to say about the guy. In case you haven’t heard, this genius has pretty much blogged, planned out, and made public his infatuation with small children. And, he’s well within the constraints of the law doing so, apparently.

Jack McClellan has painted an elaborate portrait of a sickening mind. He tells us in his blog (which doesn’t seem to be working anymore) that he is attracted to small children, little girls in particular. He calls his targets “LG’s”. He hangs out in public places, like fairs and playgrounds, and he takes pictures of these children. He blogs about his attraction, and he demonstrates an awareness of his creepiness by saying things like “I’m determined not to do anything illegal.” Yet, just a few days ago, he was arrested outside of a day care for violating a temporary restraining order prohibiting him to be within 50 feet of any child in the State of California.

Sick and Perverted statements from Jack(ass)

Is what he’s doing illegal? If it’s truly not, should it be? This idiot is flat out telling us that he wants to do illegal things. Let’s look at the schematics of this…

If an average high schooler writes in a notebook of wanting to blow his school up, or to kill some people, or wants to cause death and destruction, and that notebook is found – what happens? That child is arrested. That child is charged with a crime. If you don’t think that’s true, research Traverse City, Michigan (their news source is the Traverse City Record Eagle) and cross reference Columbine with their high school. Arrested and charged. No crime actually commited. Which is a damn good thing, considering the amount of people that kid talked about taking out.

If a would be terrorist talks of blowing up things in America, and writes it down anywhere and then someone stumbles upon it, what happens to that person? He sits in prison for who knows how long awaiting an arraignment for conspiracy to commit. Right?

So, when the would be pedophile tells us in a very public and well read blog on the world wide web that he wants to rape our children, is caught red handed taking pictures of our children, specifically when the state has seen enough of a problem here to grant a 50 foot restraining order for every child in the state the guy lives in…what does he get? Apparently nothing. Yes he was led away in handcuffs. Yes, there was a temporary restraining order against the guy to stay away from our children. But, there are actually people out there that are standing up for him. Their argument is that he hasn’t actually committed a crime. He hasn’t caused any harm. He hasn’t actually destroyed any tiny lives yet.

And, let me tell you why those people are going to get their way: constitutionally, the case that stands against him is non-existant. Is that a good reason to let him go? No, this blogger really doesn’t think so. The question begs to be asked…are these people that are standing up to help him, are they the same above mentioned people in his post that he’s thanking for encouragement and support over the years? And are they seriously hiding behind the very Constitution that this great Nation was built on to stand up for him?

My thoughts are that the problem with our justice system lies in the fact that it leaves very little wiggle-room for common sense. If our system was built on common sense, here’s what would happen:

We’d stumble across this blog (check), we’d track the guy down (check), we’d run some serious mental health exams – with or without his consent (here’s where my plan starts to get a little too practical for the structured-law types), we’d discover that he’s a menace to society and a danger to our children (if we haven’t discovered this by the words written by his very own hands…we ourselves need to be prosecuted for sheer lack of intelligence), then we’d locate his testosterone store (testicles), and cause that testosterone store to cease to exist.

Instead, we’re going to wait for him to do something heinous, and then after he’s snuffed out, or at the very least massacred any chance at a childhood for some undeserving 3 year old, we’re going to cluck about how our system failed that one little girl.

Black and white laws don’t protect us. That’s why we have juries. And juries can only be called into action if there is evidence of wrong doing. The definition of wrong doing apparently includes premeditating every other crime except for raping and abusing our children.

Personally, I would like to say thank you to Mr. Jack McClellan. Thank you for telling us that you’re dangerous. Thank you very much for warning us what you would like to do to our babies. Now we know. Talk to your buddies…encourage them to blog about their disgusting fantasies as well. You may also want to watch who’s kid you take a picture of. Violence in America is rough. Violence against baby-rapers…100% worse. And that type of violence – I actually understand.


Please see It’s a great resource for bringing Jack(ass) to justice.


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