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September 5, 2007

Lansing, MI Serial Killer: Citizens Agree – Give us Evidence!

There’s a new article this morning in the Lansing State Journal has an article expressing the same thoughts/sentiments as me and my close friends here in Lansing have been feeling. Check it out HERE.

I wrote a post about a week ago that you can visit HERE, regarding the discrepancies in the sketch. Some of the people in the LSJ message boards are throwing the fit of all fits regarding the sketch and saying that we are all nuts. My question to those people is: Do you guys blindly follow, never stopping to ask WHY you are told to believe something? Expand your brain cells. Extra caution can’t hurt here. I’m pleased that you have so much faith in our system that you’ll take their orders to “breathe easy”, but I don’t share it with you. I’m not “breathing easy”, and I’m not going to believe something without evidence or even a spoken reason just because our officials say to.

In any other serial murder case where the suspect’s been arrested, what do you hear? “So and so was caught red-handed with murder weapon”, “DNA matches So and So in Serial Killer case”, SOMETHING. The point here is they’ve given us nothing to go on to cause us to believe they’ve got the right guy. Instead, they’ve left us to speculate with the only evidence we have, which is a witness account, sketched in a composite drawing by one of our 7 Michigan State Police Forensic Artists.

Those artists are phenomenal. I know one of them personally. I’ve worked with her on other cases before. If you get a chance, Google Sarah Foster, Michigan State Police and see what comes up. You’ll even find comparisons between drawing/actual suspect for some of the cases if you look hard enough.

If it turns out the evidence is overwhelming in this case and Matthew Macon is the guy, awesome. I’m all for tearing him apart and placing him in the harshest conditions Michigan has to offer. But, let us not try him for his past crimes. He’s served his time for those. Let’s concentrate on whether or not he really is the person on a blitz style serial murder spree. Because if he’s not, then our actual killer – is out there, very intelligently keeping his cool, and laughing his tush off at the incompetence and blind faith.


September 2, 2007

Michigan Serial Killer: Matthew Macon

Just for good measure, I found another picture of alleged serial killer, Matthew Macon, the suspect Lansing police have taken into custody. Again, please compare the two real pictures, the newest (on the right) was taken last year.



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