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September 6, 2007

Serial Killer Arraigned: Absurd Comments Made By The Press

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Matthew Macon was arraigned today on one murder charge and the assault of the unidentified woman that were part of the string of victims from a series of killings in August.  And still, no freakin’ information was released one way or the other to lend any credence to the charges they have pending or whether or not they even have the right guy.

Macon’s attorney, Mike O’Briant requested and was granted a gag order on the whole case, saying that it wouldn’t be ethical to comment on his client’s guilt or innocence.

Ok, tantrum time.  First, check out this article.

The released his juvenile records that show that at 14 he became a registered sex offender, LSJ quoted court record.  Question… *ahem* At what point did it become ok to release juvenile records to the press?  And, is it even legal to print such things?  Is this hearsay because the direct quote from the Court’s notes sure make it look like it’s not hearsay.  And, here’s where I ask again, DO WE HAVE THE RIGHT GUY???  Because if we do, then it seems like the facts of the cases at hand would be making their way to the surface, instead of drudging up past crap we’re not even supposed to see, that the guy has already served his time for and that happened to take place over a decade ago.

It sort of feels like we’re grasping at straws for answers.  I ask you, Dear Reader’s do you think maybe Mr. Matthew Macon drew the short one?

The preliminary hearing is set for October 30th.  And again, if the prosecution is so sure that they have the right guy why so long out?  If this is as cut and dried as they are alluding to, why did it take six deaths before he was caught, and why aren’t we getting any sense whatsoever of comfort that they have the right person?

If you need examples of series killers relocating to continue their spree, see Ted Bundy.  If they’re wrong, do we really want to wait until October 30th almost two whole months away before any facts whatsoever are released?  What if they’re wrong?

I’ve heard rumor of confessions.  Since we’re so hellbent on drudging up Mr. Macon’s past, I’m going to stretch out on my little limb here and suggest that perhaps the man suffers from some sort of mental abnormality.  And while we’re stretching, is it really so far fetched to believe he might have been coerced into a confession?  If you want examples of false confessions or coerced confessions, just type that very phrase into Google.  You’ll be inundated with reading material for years.

Question what you’re demanded to believe, people.  This is getting ridiculous!


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