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September 1, 2007

Suspected Serial Killer in Lansing, MI Arrested…or IS he?

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In this article you’ll find all the information you need to check out Matthew Emmanuel Macon’s information. Idiot, jerk, As*hole extraordinaire. But is he the murderer? That seems to be the question of the day. Lansing Police Department seem to think so. But, they had someone in custody earlier in the case, and had to let him go when another murder was commited whilst their prisoner was in custody. Lansing hasn’t given us any good reason to believe that they have the right man. I’m not asking for DNA here. Really. But they’re telling us to take a collective sigh of relief now that they’ve got the right suspect, yet they’re not giving us any indication for why they think he’s the one. The only thing they’ve said is that they’re able to tie him to all six victims, including the one that lived.

Sketch Released of the Suspect Matthew Macon, Age 27  Alleged Serial Killer Arrested in Lansing, MI.

Here’s my issue. Take a close look at the sketch and the photo. Ears. Nose, inparticular. Eyebrows, face length. The shape of the head. A friend pointed out that witness testimony is often wrong, and that he would trust LPD over the victim. But, I think the thing we have to really look at here, the glaring issue at hand is that the police, well…they haven’t seen the actual perpetrator. Our victim has. And, when you are assaulted as such, an image burns into your brain and whether or not you want to remember it, it’s there.

My point here is I’m not sure how a victim that’s been damn near killed could get it THIS wrong. The ONLY thing these two individuals have in common is that they are both African American. Matthew Macon, seems to be a little more, I don’t know…stocky or thick I guess? But the nose, the nose is the biggest discrepancy between the two images.

The victim/witnesses are very gently interrogated without prejudice.  Meaning, that they are led through the composite process without being given any suggestions or thoughts from the person giving the interview.  The composite drawing conversation usually goes something like this: “Ok, I need you to concentrate on the shape and the feeling of the eyes.”  The witness tells all the can remember by concentrating wholly on the one part at a time they’re being asked for.  Slowly, but surely the image emerges into a face.  The face of the suspect as the victim/witness remembers is then put together, pieced together, erased and re-drawn until it’s right.  Once it’s completed, the witness/victim is asked if it’s a true likeness.  They have the opportunity to adjust anything that is off.  Here, a “Well, the face is too long. His face and head are more round than that. His nose at the base is more broad than that.  His lips are fuller than that.” Would’ve gone a long way if this is truly our guy.

I want to know what the victim that lives thinks. I want to know if she thinks he’s the one. If she says yes, then fine. I’ll quit screaming at my kids when they move two foot out of my line of view. But, we don’t know who she is. We don’t know who this woman is to get her thoughts.

The next thing that has been released is that one of the victims was found in the same house as a victim back in 2004. That they were both murdered there, and that Macon is responsible for that one as well. They are also connecting him to the serial raping case of 2003-2004.

If this is him, that’s phenomenal and unprecedented for timeliness in an arrest. But, I don’t want the mob mentality that our fear is causing to railroad some man that may be a lot of things except a murderer into prison for the rest of his life. His arraignment is upcoming. He’ll be charged with one of the murders that just happened, and one from 2004. I think that’s coming Monday, but I’m not certain.


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