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September 1, 2007

Freakin’ PLEASE.

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Please read this article first, and then you’re welcome to come join me for a temper tantrum…

Alright, first of all, it was civilians that got the most done with the Katrina situation.  Civilians.  With 9/11, it was the collective effort of law enforcement, fire departments and civilians.  While I agree that it’s a clusterhumped mess at the get go at any given situation, there is a logical way to handle volunteer efforts and to have them co-exist with law enforcement efforts.  It’s called dispatch.

I know this because not only am I a BTR workaholic, but I’m also the founder of Missing You Foundation, Michigan’s only missing persons organization.  A much smaller-scale example is the Todd Geib search that happened in Muskegon County after Todd went missing from a party one summer night.

From the day I was asked to participate in the case, (two days in), we were able to pull together 1500 volunteers, atvs, boats, helicopters, ground pounders, dogs etc.  We had law enforcement there, they let me do my job, yet they still assisted with giving us trained officers to lead some of our teams.  We utilized our first responders as team leaders. The school system gave me the use of their busses.  Media worked hand in hand.  It was the best organized search in the history of Michigan, and I can proudly say that I was at the head of it.

And guess what?  The majority of those volunteers were civilians with no training but awesome hearts.  To discount those hands and hearts and to throw away that workforce when you need them is a mistake.  A big one.

If they can’t get an able bodied person into a leadership position to create a dispatch network and analyze the problem, then we need to hang it up and fix our whole system.   If I can do it with 1500 volunteers on two days notice, then we can do it on a much higher scale with many more people.  Use the trained to lead the untrained.  Use the knowledgable to train the unknowledgable.

But for us to stand by and just not do anything when we are here and able to help, takes away who we are as people and as a nation.  We are America.  And, we take care of our own. Good luck telling us we can’t.  You’ll find yourself in a war of the people vs. the government.

And as for the comment about this being a Bush Administration suggestion…well doesn’t that just figure.  Aren’t y’all the same geniuses that put Michael Brown in as the head of FEMA?  Well…no WONDER you think civilian help can’t work.  FEMA was supposed to lead them.  Remember his resignation?  Remember why he damn near caused the breakdown of what potentially is our most important organization in the US?  Yeah.  Look THAT up.



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