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August 30, 2007

Lansing, MI Serial Killer: Oh wait…that’s HERE!

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So, let me tell you about my day, yesterday.  If ever there were a day for me to be a true crime writer, it was yesterday.

I’m cruising through my BTR (blogtalkradio) projects, I’m manning the Live Help Desk assisting the best radio hosts in the whole world with their questions about how to use our systems, streaming all the live shows and I get a skype call from Amber.  Amber works for BTR and is a contributor for this blog. She also happens to be my best friend and neighbor.  She says, “Have you been watching the news today?”  I said, “No…well, wait. National. Do you mean here?” Amber sighs at me. “Yes here.  We have a serial killer.”  Surprised, I said, “In Lansing?”  She said, “Uh, yeah.  John just told me.”  John, being John Sweet, another fellow BTR workaholic who also happens to be stationed in Lansing, MI.   We BTR-ians stick together.  Our kids also all happen to be great friends.

For the most part, I’m interested in what’s going on everywhere.  But, you tend – well at least I, tend to think that what’s going on around home is usually boring.  I’m usually interested in the national news.  Then, when I write “Idiot Pedophile Announces His Intentions to the Masses” you have an inkling of what the heck I’m talking about.  So, imagine my surprise when I flip on the news, and she’s right. We do have a serial murderer.  And scarier still, most of the murders have been within five miles of our neighborhood.

Everyday when I get out of work, my predictable pattern is to head to Amber’s, where she and I sit on her front porch and watch the kids play while we drink unhealthy volumes of Mountain Dew and talk about our day.  So, at the close of my shift, I scooped up my 2 year old, my laptop, Shiba (yes, that’s her name.) and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and headed over to discuss what was happening. 

Approximately five minutes after I got there, one of the boys accidentally kicked a ball into the road, and ran out to get it.  It was at that moment that I saw a car flying around the corner we live on, headed straight for him.  I yelled for him to get out of the road, and I hollered at the black Chevy Lumina to slow down.  The driver of the Lumina, looked square in my eyes, and floored it. 

Just as I get the kids back to the right side of the sidewalk, and out of the range of the road, I hear another car.  It’s the same guy!  He’s gone around the block, to come flying through the neighborhood again at breakneck speed.  Our speed limit, I think, is 10 mph.  This guy was easily doing 40 mph.  He flies around the corner, swerves as if he’s going to jump the curb, makes it to the end of the block, flips a U-ey and comes back to do it again.  Up until this point I couldn’t see his license plate number because well…I’d had my glasses on all day. I didn’t want to wear them anymore.  I’d left them at home.  This time, I ran out into the street behind him to get close enough to get the plate number.  Then, I promptly called 911 and gave it to them.

Much to my surprise, they actually acted on it right away.  They put an all points bulletin out on the car with a description of the suspect.  Usually when you call police around here, it takes hours for response.  So, Amber and I realized we were out of Mountain Dew, which happens to be blasphemy in the world of us.  So, I skyped John to ask him if he would mind keeping an eye on the boys so she and I could walk to the little store around the corner – ordinarily one of us would go.  Serial killers in the neighborhood make you rethink that decision.  We didn’t figure that LPD’s finest would arrive for several hours.

Amber and I made our way to the store, and then as we were leaving the store, (mind you this is within about ten minutes of us calling 911) we see a LPD cruiser pull into the parking lot.  “Shannon?” he asked.  Amber pointed at me.

I’d like to describe the scene, if you’ll bear with me for a moment.  First, I’m sick.  My nose is red from blowing it constantly. I’m sure I’ve got the crazy ephedrine induced glazed look in my eyes from taking an Aleve Cold and Sinus every 12 hours. I’m wearing black leather slip-ons with a crystal bar across them.  I’m wearing pink Victoria’s Secret crushed velvet Capri cut lounge pants, a green baby-t type t-shirt that says “I don’t need your attitude, I have my own” with a little turtle on it, my hair is shoved into a hair tie so that it’s knotted at the nape of my neck, and there’s not an ounce of make-up on my face.  I was going to the corner store for crying out loud. I had full intentions of actually putting some normal clothes on before the officer arrived.  Instead, I looked like the crazy woman that you always see on the news in her Spongebob pajamas representing the neighborhood where something terrible has happened.

The officer (who happened to be very cute, which made my looking like Trailer Trash Barbie even worse) took all the information, and listened as I explained what happened.  He asked again for a description of the driver, and told us that the plates I gave are bad plates.  They don’t match a Chevy Lumina Sedan.  Then it occurred to me, that I had a strange occurrence of my own about 2 weeks ago.  2 weeks ago to the day even.  I told him about it, just in case it had anything to do with all the news about the serial killer.

It was about 1:30 A.M.  I had purchased my new laptop for work that day, which is why I remember the day.  I live in an apartment building that has four apartments in it.  My apartment is on the west side of the building, upstairs.  It’s still a two level apartment with three bedrooms, but the point here is that I live upstairs.  To get to my apartment, you have to go through a downstairs door, passing by my downstairs neighbor and then up my stairs to my door. At 1:30 (ish) A.M, Wednesday night, there was a knock on my door.  Ordinarily, I would’ve assumed it to be Amber and just opened the door, even at that late hour. But for whatever reason, I got scared.  I picked up the phone, and called Amber’s house (right across the street) and her husband, Gold answered.  I said “Gold. Someone’s at the door. I’m scared.”  He said “Ok. On it.” I told him that I was afraid and I’d keep him on the phone while I was handling it.  I asked who was at the door.  A male, rough, African American voice trying to disguise itself as a female answered “Shawanda”.  I said “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you. I’m not opening the door.” He said, “I need to use the phone.” I told him I was sorry, and that there was a payphone around the corner at the little store.  Gold was still on the phone, but had gone outside to see if he could see anything, and saw him exit and head east down our road towards the main road.

The officer was excited with the news of this.  I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to call it in then.  I guess, I thought maybe I was being a little over-reactive and that it was silly to be so scared over such a small incident.  But, this was before I knew we had a series killer in our midst.  That, and we have a strange neighbor who is 911 happy, which is the reason that it takes so terribly long for law enforcement response around here.  I let it slide, really, not thinking about it much, until today.

That night, my lights were off.  I’m a night owl by design anyway, but I was getting ready to go to bed. The person that came to my door bypassed Amber’s house, John’s house, my downstairs neighbor’s door, and up to my door.  Everyone else was still up.  Their lights were on.  Why come all the way upstairs to my apartment, to knock on the door, when if you really want to use the phone, you could have stopped at 20 other houses that still had lights on?

Then I got to thinking about why they suddenly showed up so fast today.  I gave a description of the suspect.  John had said that there was a sketch drawing of the suspect on the Lansing State Journal’s website.  I went and looked.  So…yeah.  I can see why they hurried.  I said that the car suspect was medium framed, African American, sitting in a car, it’s tough to judge, but if I had to make an assumption, I’d say he was between 5’7” to 6’0.  Not scrawny.  Not big.  Average.  He looked straight at me on the first drive through. He was cocky, he drove through a total of three times.  He was acting as if he was untouchable.  That fits the bill, all of it.  There’s no evidence to suggest that there is any connection whatsoever.  However, since there was a victim found just today, I can see why this would cause haste for the officer where normally we’d see a total lack of interest in protecting us.

So, that’s my day in a nutshell yesterday.  In upcoming posts, you will find all of the details spun from my sarcastic brain of the entirety of this crime as best as I can get my hands on information to spin it to you.  There may be several posts per day.  I’m going to find out what the victims lives were like, I’m going to delve in and see if I can come up with some good information to help keep you, our faithful readers informed.


August 28, 2007

3 Eyes for 6 Eyes

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To listen to Will and Nikki in the Morning’s interview/discussion about this very blog entry, please go here:  If you go into the site, click on the Archives tab, you’ll find it is the August 28th edition of the show.

During a recent discussion in the IBC chatroom during our very own Dan Cottrell’s Scam Buster’s show on, I got into a rather heated debate with some fellow chatters over the death penalty. Those people that were engaged in the debate with me, well at least most of them, were adamantly against the death penalty. They were also mostly from countries outside the US.

I find this interesting because growing up in the US, you always hear about all the death and injustices of other countries, as if they condone such things over “there”. I’m seeing as I’ve matured into an adult and have stopped to question some of what we are taught on a regular basis, that really that’s not the case. Sure, you have your canings and hand choppings in some countries, but far and wide, I’m finding that the death penalty, or capital punishment if we’re being politically correct is more prevalent in the United States than anywhere else on Earth.

And, let’s be honest. Ron White hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that if the rest of the country has normal rates for executing executions, well, Texas has installed an express lane.

This week, there are three executions taking place in the state of Texas. I thought I would outline their crimes, name their victims and give my opinion on each of the individual cases. As I sit to write this, I’ve only briefly looked over their cases, and haven’t studied them in depth. This is more of an “off the cuff” discussion of sorts.

I’d like to preface their cases by saying that I think that certain cases require certain action. Child rapists/murderers in my world should be handed over to the parents of the slain children. Put them in a room together for a good ten minutes, and the problem corrects itself. Serial rapists and/or murderers…same plan. Victims families already have no control, and while I’m sure it’s not considered polite to seek retribution, and won’t make the victim come back, it sure gets rid of some of that negative energy that you are bombarded with when someone close to you is ripped from your life. You’re mad. Actually, mad doesn’t even begin to cover it. But when you learn it was premeditated, that someone actually planned out the torture of your child, your sister, your friend, or your wife…the anger can consume you. It indefinitely changes who you are as a person, and it causes any innocence that is within you to break in two. These people don’t just kill their victims. They kill off parts of us as family members, or as people who care about the lives that they are wiping away that are similarly irreplaceable.

That being said, you have to understand that you also have accidental killings, the rage killings and the “heat of the moment” killings. I don’t necessarily believe that all of those require the death penalty. Texas disagrees. So, without further ado, our executions of the week…

Daroyce Lamont Mosley: At the ripe old age of 19, in 1995 Mosley and another accomplice walked into Katie’s Lounge, and killed 4 people. It is believed that Mosley shot all of the victims, with help from the accomplice for one of them. The brutal facts of the crime are this: 53 yr. old Patricia Slack-Colter, 44 yr. old Duane R. Colter, 68 yr. old Luva Congleton and 54 yr. old Alvin Waller were lined up and shot execution style in the back of the head. All of this was to obtain a cash box from the bar, which they fled with. That cash box contained a whopping $308.00.

Daroyce Lamont Mosley will be executed by lethal injection on August 28, 2007 (today).

My opinion on this…was it necessary to execute each one of those people? Was the $308.00 worth it? That type of killing is merciless, cold and without remorse. If he’s sorry now, it’s because he’s going to die. Not what he did to those people. I’m good with this one. He should die for what he did.

John Amador:At 18 years old, in 1994, a mere year after being released from prison after serving a three year term for murdering someone else John Amador and his 16 year old cousin hailed a taxi cab, had the driver, 32 year old Reza Ayari and a friend of Reza’s, Esther Garza drive to a remote location and then shot them both. Reza Ayari died that night. Esther didn’t. Fortunately, she survived and was able to point out the suspects later. Amador and his 16 year old cousin rifled through the pockets of the victims, left them there to die and stole the cab.

My thoughts…a year. He was ON PAROLE for murder for crying out loud. He’s being executed on August 29, 2007 (Wednesday). Since it’s apparent he didn’t learn the first time after snuffing out someones life and killed someone else, with the intent to actually kill two a year after being released from prison, you won’t see any remorse or guilt from me for watching our system work on this one either. Buh-bye.

Kenneth Foster: Again, 19 years old at the time the crime was committed. 1996, Kenneth Foster approached 25 yr. old Michael T. Lahood Jr. with 3 other accomplices. The Black Deciples Gang Members (Foster and his buddies) demanded Lahood’s car keys and money. When Lahood told them no, accomplice Mauricio Brown pulled a gun and shot Lahood in the face, killing him. Foster drove the getaway car, taking him and the accomplices to safety.

Execution Date: August 30, 2007 (Thursday).

Thoughts…here’s the one I have the problem with. Foster didn’t pull the trigger. Yes, he’s a moron. Yes, he’s a jerk. Yes, the potential exists for him to be horrible person. But, he didn’t pull the trigger. He was present for the murder, but he didn’t kill the guy. Life in prison with the possibility of parole, maybe. Killing him for a murder he didn’t actually commit doesn’t make much sense to me. I like to think with a few years, and some knowledge and perhaps a swift kick in the butt from someone who gave a crap…Foster’s life could’ve been very different. But, basically, he’s being killed Thursday for the decisions in his life leading up to a single event that defined it, but in the end had very little control over. This is the case, and there are many more like it that causes me (and probably a majority of the rest of the world) to question if our system really works, and leaves a bunch of room for capital punishment abolishers world wide to scream in protest.

I guess if we could stick to eliminating and executing the black and white cases…the ones where there is enough proof, actual physical proof to sink the miserable idiot, then let’s do it. Get rid of them. But the ones that there is a lot of room for question – those ones, like Foster’s, I think just puts the blood on the hands of the State.

August 22, 2007

Jack McClellan – Wannabe Pedophile Freed.

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Jack McClellan, self professed, wannabe pedophile has been freed.

There were a bunch of facts that up until today weren’t available.  Now, they are.  And well…I told you so.

The restraining order prohibiting him to be near children was originally reported to be 50 foot.  However, that number is actually 30 foot.  And there was no expiration reported for how long this “temporary” restraining order would last.  This number is three years.

The restraining order itself was deemed unconstitutional because Jack McClellan wasn’t given an opportunity to appeal that decision.  With that charge going away, then you can’t really charge him with violating anything, because well he didn’t.

At the end of the day with the current laws, it doesn’t matter what Jack McClellan does.  He can give vivid details of what he wants to do to your child. He can take pictures of your child and post them on his website. He can infiltrate your life, and as long as he doesn’t brush into the stalking laws or anything…he’s perfectly legal.

This case is an important one because it is going to set the precedence for other cases like it across the globe.   This is one to watch.  If McClellan turns out to have some sort of brain in his head, he’ll get himself into therapy and not let there be a chance that he could actually do something horrible to a child (or anyone else for that matter).

But, if he doesn’t.  If Jack McClellan in the future does something, acts on his urges and ends up raping and/or killing a child, then we will have a new law named after that child that prohibits talking about things like this on the internet.  If you are going to talk about it, there will be strict set of rules we will be forced to adhere to.

My thoughts on all of it this is that it’s scary.  In Battle Creek, Michigan we had a teacher.  That teacher adopted children over the years, never harmed a student, never harmed his adopted children.  He attended church regularly and appeared by all counts to be a normal, contributing member of society.  However, child pornography content was found on his home pc.  When asked for an explanation, he told law enforcement that he was writing a book on the topic.  That man was arrested.  He was removed from society and incarcerated.  Life as he knew it was obliterated.  And he never hurt a child, he never said he wanted to hurt a child, he never talked about it and he certainly didn’t stalk other peoples children and exploit their little lives on the internet by telling us the terrible things he’d like to do to the children that he’s already targeted.

This man’s life is ruined. Sure the book story that he gave law enforcement was probably a big line of crap, but he unlike Jack McClellan didn’t actually do anything.  The reason he was given for his entire world being flipped upside down was that if it weren’t for people like him to look at the pictures, then there wouldn’t be a need for child pornography, exploitation of the children for the pictures, and for children to suffer the abuse at all.  Talk about treating the symptom instead of the cause.  Here, this man gets arrested for having possession of a copy of a picture.  What about the photographer?  What about the person who put that child in the position of being exploited?  What about the person actually doing the damage to the child?

This will be an interesting story to watch unfold.  Here’s hoping that Jack can keep Richard in his pants.  I’m hoping someday to be able to look at our judicial system and find the common sense in it that is so lacking.  But, the likelihood of that happening in my lifetime is right up there with Paris Hilton becoming a marine biologist.

August 21, 2007

One way to end a brilliant career…

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Ann Chamberlain thought her husband was cheating on her, and rather than asking him, accusing him or anything normal like that, Mrs. Chamberlain instead chose to use her job skills to investigate further.  Ann Chamberlain is or was, rather a Forensic Scientist for the Michigan State Crime Lab.

She said she used outdated materials to run the DNA tests.  Those materials, according to Mrs. Chamberlain were set to be thrown out.

My question?  Is this what the hold up is for the MSP Crime Lab on DNA?  It takes on average of six months to procure those results for any criminal case.  I just wonder how long she had to wait for her results?

Cranky Congressman

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Congressman faces charge after allegedly pushing bag claim employee at airport WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., has been summoned to court on assault and battery charges after an incident at Dulles Airport on Sunday night where he allegedly pushed a United Airlines bag claim employee.

Filner allegedly attempted to enter an employees-only area, pushed aside an employee’s arm and wouldn’t leave when asked, according to a statement from Courtney Prebich, assistant media relations manager for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Filner disputed the account in a brief statement issued by his office.

“Congressman Bob Filner is on his way to Iraq, visiting our troops, and will have a full statement when he returns. Suffice it to say now, that the story that has appeared in the press is factually incorrect — and the charges are ridiculous,” the statement said without elaborating.

The encounter happened after Filner “experienced a delay in claiming his bag,” according to a United Airlines statement. United said it regretted that delay and was cooperating in the investigation.


When airport police arrived Filner was waiting in the bag carousel area, Prebich said. Police interviewed him and witnesses and let him go. The incident occurred around 6 p.m.The employee, whom United declined to identify, decided to press charges and appeared before a Loudoun County, Va., magistrate later that evening.

Filner was summoned to appear in Loudoun County General District Court on Oct. 2. Assault and battery is a misdemeanor charge.

Filner, an eight-term incumbent who chairs the Veterans Affairs Committee, has displayed flashes of temper in the past.

About a year ago, he hurled obscenities at two Veterans Affairs officials after a briefing about the burglary of a laptop with military personnel information. The VA officials termed the briefing a “publicity stunt,” which angered Filner.


Sounds like somebody needs to take an “I’m Not God” pill. Just a thought…

Yes, Steven Seagal…the MEDIA is the reason you suck…

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Steven Seagal is sad.  He wants an apology.  He wants everyone else, the federal government, the media, the fans…everyone but himself to take responsibility for his career heading towards the crapper.

Keep telling yourself that, bud.  And apology from the government will make it all better…(or make you look more pathetic than you already are, whichever.)

August 20, 2007

Go Grandma, Go!

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This grandma ROCKS. See the video HERE

She’s cute too…did you see her little nightgown? All Grandma’s should keep an ice pick handy…

Michael Vick Plea Bargain

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Today, Michael Vick accepted a plea deal that led to a guilty plea for dog fighting. f081706a.jpg

My thoughts on this are first, why does he get to talk about his career choices before formally agreeing? Does the fact that he’s bringing in a six figure salary in have a single thing to do with this? Because in the world of me, that’s disgusting. It’s no shock to anyone who knows me personally that I think that this guy is a moron. But, the fact that his money and position with a professional sports team make it even worse to me. Instead of doing good things with that money, instead of maybe, oh…I don’t know supporting animal rescue, he uses his money for dog fighting?

Does anyone else question what else this guy is capable of? I mean, let’s ask his mom if maybe he set fires or was a bed wetter as a child. Animal cruelty is usually just the tip of the iceberg. My bet is that if a little digging was done in Mr. Vick’s background, we might find some other unusual quirks. Now that the guilty plea is out of the way, here’s hoping the judge sees his actions as vile as I do.

Is It Your Kids?

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Dominating the press in the UK recently (although I’m pretty confident that it’s not just here) is the perception that the youth’s of today have gone wild. It seems that almost every day we are hearing of some new incident involving young people. Stabbings are an everyday occurrence, adults being attacked en masse for standing up to kids and people are now too scared to confront these yobs. Yobs that don’t seem to care for themselves, let alone anyone who crosses their path!

I ask you a question…

Do you know where your child is right now? Are they where they say they are?

Many of you reading this right now will immediately jump onto the defensive and respond with “Of course I do, I brought up my child to be honest and show respect to me as a parent, he/she wouldn’t dare lie to me!” I ask you to think about this for a moment…

You were a teenager once, although respectful to your mother and father, I’m pretty sure that you pushed the boundaries. After-all, isn’t this the time when we are supposed to learn what boundaries are?

For me growing up, it wasn’t unusual to meet up with my mates on a Friday night in the park with 4 cans of beer under my arm, drinking and laughing until around 10.30pm when I had a 9.30pm curfew. It sometimes wasn’t out of the ordinary to have to carry one of our mates back to his parent’s house, telling them a little white lie, like he’d eaten a dodgy kebab or pizza on the way home. Usually, he’d just go to bed and that would be the end of it (Until next week!)

One thing that we weren’t though is disrespectful! We would never dream of shouting abuse at the little old lady walking her dog or the little boy on his way home from homework club! One thing was for certain, I would be embarrassed if anyone in my group did that – I probably wouldn’t want to be associated with them or much longer! I mean, I’m not suggesting for one minute that I and everyone around me was a complete angel, and I’m pretty certain that you reading this were not either. But one thing I do know is that if a neighbour caught me doing anything that wasn’t going to please my parents and they threatened to make them aware of it! I’d be s**t scared!

So where has this pride gone in today’s youth? Why is it that more and more youngsters are falling victim to crime, not by fully grown men or women taking advantage of them, but by people in their own age group! Are we as fully grown men and women actually becoming less frightened about traditional crimes like murder, rape, burglary etc, but are more frightened of the abuse, violence and possibilities that today’s youth can do to us?

Personally I have never had any serious trouble with these kids and have even in the past confronted them over issues like throwing litter, yet after the spate of stabbings over such trivial matters I would hesitate to do so again.

What has gone wrong? Why is the youth in society so out of control? And what is the answer?

Food for thought…


August 19, 2007

Constitutional Right to Pedophilia?

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Jack(ass) Himself.Los Angeles, California: Jack McClellan is a Slimeball. There’s really no other good thing to say about the guy. In case you haven’t heard, this genius has pretty much blogged, planned out, and made public his infatuation with small children. And, he’s well within the constraints of the law doing so, apparently.

Jack McClellan has painted an elaborate portrait of a sickening mind. He tells us in his blog (which doesn’t seem to be working anymore) that he is attracted to small children, little girls in particular. He calls his targets “LG’s”. He hangs out in public places, like fairs and playgrounds, and he takes pictures of these children. He blogs about his attraction, and he demonstrates an awareness of his creepiness by saying things like “I’m determined not to do anything illegal.” Yet, just a few days ago, he was arrested outside of a day care for violating a temporary restraining order prohibiting him to be within 50 feet of any child in the State of California.

Sick and Perverted statements from Jack(ass)

Is what he’s doing illegal? If it’s truly not, should it be? This idiot is flat out telling us that he wants to do illegal things. Let’s look at the schematics of this…

If an average high schooler writes in a notebook of wanting to blow his school up, or to kill some people, or wants to cause death and destruction, and that notebook is found – what happens? That child is arrested. That child is charged with a crime. If you don’t think that’s true, research Traverse City, Michigan (their news source is the Traverse City Record Eagle) and cross reference Columbine with their high school. Arrested and charged. No crime actually commited. Which is a damn good thing, considering the amount of people that kid talked about taking out.

If a would be terrorist talks of blowing up things in America, and writes it down anywhere and then someone stumbles upon it, what happens to that person? He sits in prison for who knows how long awaiting an arraignment for conspiracy to commit. Right?

So, when the would be pedophile tells us in a very public and well read blog on the world wide web that he wants to rape our children, is caught red handed taking pictures of our children, specifically when the state has seen enough of a problem here to grant a 50 foot restraining order for every child in the state the guy lives in…what does he get? Apparently nothing. Yes he was led away in handcuffs. Yes, there was a temporary restraining order against the guy to stay away from our children. But, there are actually people out there that are standing up for him. Their argument is that he hasn’t actually committed a crime. He hasn’t caused any harm. He hasn’t actually destroyed any tiny lives yet.

And, let me tell you why those people are going to get their way: constitutionally, the case that stands against him is non-existant. Is that a good reason to let him go? No, this blogger really doesn’t think so. The question begs to be asked…are these people that are standing up to help him, are they the same above mentioned people in his post that he’s thanking for encouragement and support over the years? And are they seriously hiding behind the very Constitution that this great Nation was built on to stand up for him?

My thoughts are that the problem with our justice system lies in the fact that it leaves very little wiggle-room for common sense. If our system was built on common sense, here’s what would happen:

We’d stumble across this blog (check), we’d track the guy down (check), we’d run some serious mental health exams – with or without his consent (here’s where my plan starts to get a little too practical for the structured-law types), we’d discover that he’s a menace to society and a danger to our children (if we haven’t discovered this by the words written by his very own hands…we ourselves need to be prosecuted for sheer lack of intelligence), then we’d locate his testosterone store (testicles), and cause that testosterone store to cease to exist.

Instead, we’re going to wait for him to do something heinous, and then after he’s snuffed out, or at the very least massacred any chance at a childhood for some undeserving 3 year old, we’re going to cluck about how our system failed that one little girl.

Black and white laws don’t protect us. That’s why we have juries. And juries can only be called into action if there is evidence of wrong doing. The definition of wrong doing apparently includes premeditating every other crime except for raping and abusing our children.

Personally, I would like to say thank you to Mr. Jack McClellan. Thank you for telling us that you’re dangerous. Thank you very much for warning us what you would like to do to our babies. Now we know. Talk to your buddies…encourage them to blog about their disgusting fantasies as well. You may also want to watch who’s kid you take a picture of. Violence in America is rough. Violence against baby-rapers…100% worse. And that type of violence – I actually understand.


Please see It’s a great resource for bringing Jack(ass) to justice.

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